windshield wiper blades

Some things could only live for so long. And just like everything else, windshield wiper blades also do wear down and completely stop performing. You may not need your windshield wipers everyday however it is still important that you do make sure that they are in good condition. This is so that come the time that you need them, they would serve your purposes perfectly.

Imagine if you would be driving during a torrential downpour or through a foggy day or through a snowy afternoon with windshield wipers whose blades have already broken down or are already hanging halfway across the whole wiper arm. Sure enough, your chances of meeting accidents would be much greater for your view is greatly diminished.

Sets of Windshield Wiper Blades

To start off, you should first purchase a complete set of windshield wiper blades that are according to your cars specifics. If you do not know where to purchase such blades, you can try looking through the Internet for stores that offer such. Or if you are concerned about your private information security, you can try purchasing at your trusted local auto parts store instead.


Most people have a hard time figuring out how to put in new windshield wiper blades. After all, if you do would notice, the whole package of windshield wipers come with an instruction manual in a couple of languages along with a whole set of complicated instructions. However, automobile experts inform owners like you that the whole process is really an easy deal as long as you do get familiar with the whole windshield wiper contraption.

Pull the wiper arm and make sure that it is not resting on your car’s windshield anymore. Then, you can start removing the old wiper blade from the arm. Some windshield wipers need you to simply push on a tab and pull the blade off. However, there are some wipers that ask you to lift a tab with a small screwdriver to take the blade loose.

When you have removed the old blade, you can now put in the new blade on the arm. Make sure that you put it in correctly. You would know because the blade is already secure on the arm. If not, you would notice that it seems like it would fly off once you are cruising down the streets. If you are satisfied that the blade has been successfully replaced, you can now put the windshield wiper arm back to its old position.

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