tinted auto glass

You may have liked having tinted auto glass ages ago. But now, it seems like tinted windows are a thing of the past for you and you would like to see your car’s windows clear and clean.

Tinted Auto Glass

Window tints are also known as window films. They are plastic films or even metallic laminates which are transparent and applied to glass windows. They are much used in cars, automobiles, and vehicles for these window tints actually reduce any visible light that goes through the car’s windows and into the interior of the vehicle itself. It is very helpful especially when you live in areas where the sun seems to shine brightest.

On the other hand, window tints could also be quite a problem especially during night time. Because they darken the light that goes into the vehicle, the driver sometimes cannot see any road hazards that might be lurking on the streets and highways. This is why there are rules and regulations that the government has done so as to make sure that the window tints and films that would be used for automobile windows are not so dark that they could actually endanger the wellbeing of the driver, his passengers, and other motorists.

Tint Removal

You can bring your car to a shop that offers services like removing the tinted auto glass. Of course, you do have to pay a fee for such a service. But you can remove yourself and you would save yourself more money which you could use to purchase Merkur auto parts for your car.

A single-edged razor, a clean rag, as well as a spray cleaner would be used to remove the tint from your windows. You start by grabbing a corner of the film using the razor. Then you can pull the film off once you have a corner of the film already peeled off.

When you get the film off, you should put the spray cleaner on the glass. This would clean up any remains of the film. Let the cleaner stay on the glass for around twenty minutes. Spray on cleaner if you think your window needs more of that. Then, with the help of the razor, you can scrape off any of the residue. After that, just wipe the glass and your window is now tint-free.

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